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Cheap Hacks to Rent A Car

When traveling to Dubai, either for business or leisure purpose, you certainly want to save as much as possible. Especially, when looking to rent a car in Dubai, as there are quite a few companies that will offer you great deals. That being said, in addition to that, we can guarantee you more savings through these hacks that we discuss below. Continue reading to know more on how you can save additionally when renting a car.

Cheap Hacks to Rent A Car

Avoid the Airport Rental Service

This is one hack that has worked wonders for many, especially when looking to save up on additional costs. Now you may be wondering why would one want to say no to such a convenient offer, especially after a long tiring flight. Well, allow us to throw some light on this then. While it may seem like the best option at that moment, there are several costs added on, as they too have to pay surcharges for having opened a company at the airport. The only way for them to recover it is by charging extra to customers who choose their service. A reliable car rental company would offer you a free pick-up service, which is more ideal to opt for instead. You just have to find the right company.

Browse Through Online

While there are agencies that allow you to compare sites, you may want to consider browsing directly on the company’s website. That way you’ll end up coming across an even better deal than you would on the comparing site. In addition, it allows you to keep your options open as well.

Economy Car

These are the most affordable ones, and are also the ones that are booked the most. Use this to your advantage and opt to rent an economy car instead. It’s perfect for small families or solo drivers, easy to drive in traffic, and can also fit in the tight parking spots.

Rent Economy Car in Dubai

Too Many Cooks May Spoil the Broth

When renting the car, try and stick to having just one person drive it. Some companies charge extra for additional drivers, which definitely won’t make sense, especially for someone who’s on a business or leisure trip. Albeit, a few would permit your partner to drive the car, without charging any extra fee.

Check Your Insurance Plan

If you have a package that also covers a rental car, then you may want to pass out on the one offered by the car rental company. It’s additional and an unwanted expense that you wouldn’t to bear the cost off, since they will be taking care of it.

Loyalty Programs

If you are a return customer or plan on choosing the same company for your next visit, you may want to consider looking for car rental companies that offer a loyalty program. Discuss it with them, so they can offer you a good price, further encouraging you to spread the word and also be a repeat customer every time you visit Dubai. Residents of Dubai, on the other hand, can always ask for it, if you’ve been a loyal customer to them.

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